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"Philosphy, Dreams and Blurb" .....

Daring to reach for your dreams .... it seems so much easier when you are young - everything is out there
to be discovered and tasted and one feels so invincible and time is not an issue.

If you are lucky enough to know what you want! My taste for adventure and travel overrode all else and
then sailing became my goal and my life for many years.

Passion is a great driving force ... then I realised one day that I didn't have anything else in my life and I
wanted more, but of course, had no idea how to move forward. Friends and synchronicity are part of life's
wonderful gifts and I didn't know how I would have changed and optimised my life without them.

"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron was a major factor in helping me to understand my life and have the
courage to move forward .... if you feel stuck in your life, have a read, it's great value.

So now my dream is to one day see one of my sculptures on board one of the magnificent yachts that I
charter to my clients, or even better, in a square in the village or somewhere where it might fit ...
grandiose schemes and dreams and who knows! It will be fun trying, if nothing else!!

Carpe Deim. Sussie xx